Fire Rated Pass Through
  Certified and


When a pass-thru hatch needs to be located in a fire wall, PBSC are able to provide either the wall or floor mounted version with vision panels in the stainless steel door leaves.

The PBSC fire rated pass through is tested to BS 476 part22, with certification is available on request.

The fire rated hatches are available with a number of options and custom sizes.  

The hatches also offer insulation properties for 30 minutes when insulation and integrity are required from the pass through hatch.

Please contact our technical department with your project requirements for more information


Key features

Robust Mechanical Interlock System  
Solid Stainless Steel Hinge Assemblies  
Easy Clean Surfaces  
Test Certification to BS476 part 22  


Ventilated Air Supply / Extract

Internal Support Shelves, Glass or Stainless Steel UV Lights  
Electro-Mechanical Interlock System  

Vision Panels


Stainless Steel Support Frame

Fire Rated Hatch

Fire Rated Hatch

Fire Rated Hatch


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