Barrier Pass Thru

  Containment you
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Highly Reliable Containment

PBSC’s range of barrier transfer hatches may be wall mounted or floor mounted for larger loads. These are designed to provide an air lock on the barrier which doesn’t require fumigation, see fumigation hatches and chambers on a separate page if material decontamination is required.  The barrier hatches are suitable for all BSL applications.

The standard APR pass thru is available with either mechanical or inflatable seal doors. The inflatable seal doors utilises high performance inflatable seals mounted into solid leaf phenolic resin door leafs. Integrity of the chamber is assured by fully welded stainless steel construction.

Venting and chamber conditioning may be provided and fully welded gas tight duct connectors. HVAC ball valve dampers are available.

Due to the custom nature of APR transfer hatches – please consult our technical department with your project parameters. 

Leakage rates available on request.

Key Features

Flushed glazed vision panels, with no visible fixings  
High leakage resistance, suitable for BSL4 application  
Monitoring of seal pressure  
Monitoring of supply pressure from building.  
Unique PBSC cast stainless steel hinge assembly allowing maximum clear opening  
Can be prepared for integration into BMS  


HVAC connections

Mechanical or Pneumatic Seal Doors  
Frame designs to seal to almost all wall types i.e. partition, cast concrete, stud or block.  

Internal shelf to the hatches


Support legs


304 or 316 stainless steel construction


UPS to PLC’s



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