Dunk Tank

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Highly Reliable Containment

Where decontamination of small scale items is needed PBSC produce a Dunk Tank system for installation on the containment barrier. 

Based on the classic design, the PBSC Dunk Tank features a chemical resistant Phenolic Resin safety lid (mounted on cast stainless steel hinges). Within the tank a hinge down submersion plate is provided to ensure items are held below the surface of the neutralizing chemical liquid.

The dunk tank can be manually locked during shut down with the doors providing a barrier seal without the fluid in the tank. 

The chemical dunk tank can be supplied with a control panel to provide PLC controlled immersion times and interface to card swipe systems for access control.

To permit transfer of items from the hazard environment a recovery claw is provided.

Customized designs are available – please contact our technical department.

Key Features

Suitable for BSL3 and BSL4 containment barriers  
Air tight performance from the lids without the liquid in the tank  
Mesh transfer system  
Design solutions to suit stud, block or cast concrete walls  


Site Light

Pneumatic interlock with PLC controls  
Electro-Mechanical Interlock System  

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