Clean Room Glass Door Sets
Transparent, functional & open space atmosphere
The PBSC glass door is a popular choice for many cleanroom applications as it creates an “open space” which makes the door sets a preferred option for operatives working with the confines of a laboratory.  10mm toughened glass leaf and stainless steel hardware ...

Full Wrap Around Shroud / Architrave – Stainless or Powder Coated  
Welded and Polished Frame Constructionl  
Unique PBSC Cast Stainless Steel Hinge Assembly  

Inflatable Seal Door Set – HPL Door Leaf
Excellent containment control and functionality
Pneumatic seal doors provide the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic, wheeled equipment or large animals. The doorframe is flush with the floor eliminating the trip hazard inherent in mechanical seal doors. Solid Core Leaf…

Flushed glazed vision panels, round or rectangular.
Monitoring of seal pressure
No threshold on door frame  
Stand alone PLC controls are available.  

Inflatable Seal Door Set – Steel Door Leaf
Excellent containment control and functionality
The seal around the perimeter of the door is inflated by compressed air against a wrap-around doorframe and provides excellent resistance to leakage up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8" w.g.) the door leaf is fabricated in a stainless steel construction with a seamless finish in the corners. The door leaf is stiffened with stainless steel bracing and is hung on the frame via solid stainless steel hinges.

Unique PBSC cast stainless steel hinge assembly allowing maximum clear opening  
No threshold on door frame  
High leakage resistance across the complete door set.  

Phenolic Resin Door Set
Ideal for laboratory, cleanroom and corrosive environments, these doors are incredibly tough. Unlike metal doors, they will not dent, scratch or corrode, and most importantly, they have no hollow cavities where harmful microbes can grow.

Unique PBSC Cast Stainless Steel Hinge Assembly – Allowing for Maximum Clear Opening  
Solid Door Leaf  
Custom Frame Width Made to Suit Site Specific Wall Thickness  

Mechanical Seal Door
The mechanical seal doors are ideal solutions for an airtight barrier without any reliance on compressed air and wheeled traffic is not required.  The door leaf compresses a seal against the doorframe to provide a fail-safe seal in the event of power failure.

One handed operation  
Robust design with the mechanism in the door frame.  

Solid core door leaf


Clean Room Fire Door
PBSC supply fire doors up to 2 hours fire resistance. The fire door sets are made to suit customer size requirements, including wall thickness.  A range of ironmongery is available on the door sets to suit client specifications.

2 Piece Split Frame System or Rebate Frame  
Welded and Polished Frame Construction  
Custom Frame Width Made to Suit Site Specific Wall Thickness – Wrap Around Design  

Emergency Escape Panel / Breakout Panel / Service Access Panels
The emergency escape panel, also known as a break out panel or kickout panel, provides a quick escape from a cleanroom, a high containment or a contamination control area.  Also regularly used as a window that can be easily removed for equipment access routes during planned shut downs.

Flush Wrap Around Frame – to both sides of the wall  
Clear / Opaque Acrylic PanelWelded and Polished Frame Constructionl  
Can be installed in front of an External Fire Door  

Clean Room Door Set – Steel
(stainless steel or powder coated)

Possibly the best engineered and robust steel door system available on today’s market. With its Seamless Frame and Flush Vision Panel, this, the original PBSC door, has stood the test of time with its precision design, manufacture at installations throughout the Pharmaceutical industry.

PBSC Concealed Door Closer with Hold Open Facility  
No Visible Fixings  
Flush Glazed Vision Panels  

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