Fogging Shower - Mist Shower
  Assuring personnel safety
PBSC’s Ultrasonic Fogging shower (also known as a mist shower) provides encapsulation or removal of powder from an operatives suit and has been assessed by SafeBridge Consultants Inc. using surrogate API’s in conjunction with Tyvek over suits.

The PBSC fogging shower cycle uses 5 to 10 mircon water droplets to encapsulates API particles with minimal wetting through of the operators PPE suit. Reductions in surface concentrations can be up to 800 times less than the starting contamination levels.   The reductions of any air borne particles around the operative and during de-gowning are reduced by significant levels.

The decontamination shower is supplied with a factory tested PLC, controls and pneumatic panel.  The controls cabinets can be located above or next to the shower with a prewired cable for easy site electrical installation.  All the parts on the shower are supplied on plugs to make replacement of spare parts quick and easy so in the unlikely event of component failure, down time is minimized.

Due to variation in API particle size, solubility and wetting factors – PBSC recommend all decontamination cycles are developed and validated utilizing your in house SHE department or the services of SafeBridge Consultants Inc.

The system is available with a range of control panel options, the standard is a Siemens Logo, but it can be provided with an Allen Bradley PLC or a Siemens S1200 PLC. 

The S1200 PLC comes with a touch screen in the shower (or on the PLC cabinet) to show the shower status, alarms can be seen and cleared from the screen and the screen allows various cycle recipes to be stored and accessed by the Supervisor level password.

Key features

PLC controlled LED light  
SafeBridge Assessment on performance  
Efficient Usage water for minimum waste to dispose  
Air and water pressures are monitored by PLC  
Frameless glass door sets  
Large range of options available  


Garment Bag-out Chute


Deluge Head


Proportional Dosing Pump


Rinse Cycle ( reusable garments only)

Right Angles Design  
Air shower cycle (after rinse only)  

S1200 PLC upgrade

304 or 316 stainless steel construction  


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