AstraZeneca’s new manufacturing facility

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AstraZeneca to invest £120 million in a new manufacturing facility to produce Zoladex in Macclesfield…

AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company with a major UK presence. Having a global science-led biopharmaceutical business and innovative medicines used by millions of patients worldwide.

Zoladex is one of AstraZeneca’s leading cancer drugs, supplied to patients across the globe, and has been manufactured at AstraZeneca’s Macclesfield plant for over 25 years, this facility is AstraZeneca’s second-largest manufacturing site, with over 1800 members of staff processing and distributing medicines to 130 global markets.

As a sterile subcutaneous injectable product, Zoladex is manufactured under highly specialized conditions, which requires a range of high-specification equipment in a controlled environment to ensure aseptic production. The continued global demand for Zoladex has resulted in the decision to invest in replacing some of the existing facilities where the medicine is currently produced.

The building of the new facility began in 2013 and was completed in February 2016.

PBSC is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination products around the world providing the expertise and solutions allowing AstraZeneca to continue sterile medicine production.



Solutions & Results

In association with Boulting Environmental Services Ltd (BES) based in the UK, which helps create cutting-edge cleanrooms, laboratories and other sophisticated environments, PBSC contributed with cleanroom door sets, transfer hatches and vision panels, specially designed for the controlled environment whilst minimizing visible fixings with PBSC’s flush designs.

Main goal: To provide as much vision as possible with the number of vision panels limited due to the low-level extract requirements within this SPP5 facility.

PBSC was the preferred choice, being the only company developing glass doors with concealed automation.

Working closely with BES, PBSC presented a glass door meeting AstraZeneca’s required standard. Having a stainless-steel slider arm, which is linked to a hygienic stainless-steel circular door rail with a dry-running liner bearing, manufactured from a water-resistant plastic compound.

Thus, removing cleaning issues with access to the motor through the panels on the head fame and having the flush finish that PBSC is famous for.

With the demand for Zoladex which was first launched in 1987 and has become available in more than 100 countries, PBSC with BES, contributed to the continued Zoladex manufacturing, giving a sterile facility the cleanroom products needed to help increase efficiency.

Amanda Tebble – Architectural Design Sales Specialist for PBSC:
“I was very happy to be involved in such a globally well-known pharmaceutical company and their new facility”

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