US Market Report – Article in the Cleanroom Technology Magazine

Article in the Cleanroom Technology Magazine:

Times are changing as the pandemic affects manufacturing at every level.

US cleanroom suppliers are the thermometer to these changes, seeing the effects first as they have to meet increasing domestic demand in crisis conditions.

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The search for innovative designs, an eye for detail, and advanced manufacturing techniques has seen PBSC gain a deserved reputation as the premier supplier within cleanroom and high containment environments. Committed to providing customers throughout the world with safe, accurate, quality products and services, PBSC ensures the undue risk of contamination.

Employing an expertly trained team of engineers and designers to ensure high standards to provide product installation, servicing, technical advice, product selection, and demonstrations with Innovation, Design, and Quality at the heart.


Significant in-house testing is conducted to ensure the reliability and durability of our products.

Over the years PBSC’s product range has grown more complex with more sophisticated control options, with a growing need for the end user to obtain training. With this in mind, PBSC offers a training program to meet customer’s needs, encouraging our customers to take advantage of the operator training which is offered onsite or at PBSC’s offices.