PBSC Celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year

PBSC started trading in 1987 with only a handful of staff. Celebrating 35 years of trading success PBSC has grown to over 40 staff with an extensive product range, bespoke designs and assembly capabilities. With offices in the UK and the USA and excellent distributors across the world.

pbsc, pharma biotech systems components, 35 years, anniversary, healthcare, medical research, high containment, material decontamination, cleanroom, heathcare, NHS, Starting back in 1987 as a small supplier of laboratory equipment with only a few members of staff, PBSC has grown to become a world-leading supplier to the healthcare, biopharma, and high containment sectors. Over 35 years, has seen PBSC develop an extensive product range and assembly capabilities by offering bespoke designs to meet the needs of their customers and exceed expectations. This has all been made possible with the support of over 40 staff based across the UK and USA and excellent distributors across the world.

“We are delighted to have reached this milestone, which is a credit to the team at PBSC” commented Jamie Davis – Owner of PBSC. “The past 35 years have seen huge progress in the product range and solutions provided through constant research and development which PBSC are committed to.  I am proud to be part of PBSC’s expansion and growth as a leading supplier in the high containment and material decontamination sectors”

Claire Barber – Marketing Manager for PBSC commented “PBSC has played a large role in many different high-profile projects over the years which we are so proud to be involved with. There have been many challenges over the years, but our future looks bright and our commitment will never fail”. We are celebrating with a series of exciting activities; the most exciting of which is for the original owner to visit the new offices and workshop with his family members who also celebrate his 80th birthday this year.

PBSC continues to innovate and make significant progress in delivering reliable solutions with the continued aim to exceed expectations. With excellent customer support throughout the process, as the TEAM at PBSC meets clients changing requirements whilst constantly striving for continual improvement.

PBSC will continue to develop both existing and new products, offering world-leading designs that deliver unsurpassed quality. This will be enabled by PBSC’s first-rate customer support throughout the process with the drive for continual improvement.

For more information please contact [email protected] or visit www.pbsc.co.uk

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