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PBSC manufactures products for Cleanroom, High Containment, and Material Decontamination facilities.

With an extensive product range, bespoke designs and assembly capabilities. PBSC has led the way since 1987, striving for continual improvement.

Extensive In-House Research and Development

Our in-house testing is to increase the reliability and durability of all our products. We provide important first-hand demonstrations and evaluations to exceed our customers expectations. Discover more...

Established in 1987

For over 35 years we've been the creator, the innovator and pioneer for Healthcare, High Containment, Medical Research and Pharmaceutical sectors worldwide.

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Innovation. Design. Quality

Our focus is on developing cleanroom and high-containment solutions that ensure the safety of healthcare providers, patients, and their loved ones. We understand the significance of maintaining health through preventive measures, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment, and therefore, we aim to offer reliable products that support this essential service.

Our commitment to continuous research and development has earned PBSC an excellent reputation as the premier supplier of safe, accurate, and high-quality products. We have successfully installed our solutions within healthcare across the globe, making us a trusted partner in the industry.

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Given the potential risks posed by high containment facilities to both human life and the global economy, it is crucial to prioritise measures that ensure high containment protection. These facilities are crucial in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats to global health security. Our solutions are designed and rigorously tested to meet the highest levels of safety. They have a proven track record in many leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes and exceed the most rigorous testing criteria to ensure containment control.

The extensive range of products provides outstanding functionality to suit all high containment and cleanroom facilities, with sleek aesthetic designs to complement any installation.

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Medical research involves the application of scientific principles to expand our knowledge in the field of medicine and to develop new drugs and medical products. PBSC is committed to delivering and improving our products to help research personnel maintain accurate research trials. Our products can be customised to fit standard or bespoke requirements and installed in a manner of different wall types.

The wide choice of cleanroom, high containment, and decontamination products are specifically designed to minimise the risk of contamination within the extensive array of research facility settings.

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The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for discovering, developing, producing, and marketing drugs that are used as medications to cure and prevent diseases. Our hygienic, reliable, and highly functional solutions are used globally in the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

With specifically designed products for pharma applications with clean flush designs and minimal visible fixings. A leading provider of H202 decontamination chambers for many blue-chip companies, offering exceptional quality and performance.

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PBSC offers an extensive after-sales support service, including planned preventative maintenance programs, servicing, and spare parts.

Placing a high priority on the maintenance and upkeep of our products, Achieving this via the supply of approved spare parts and regular serving.

Our service plans are designed to help maintain the maximum performance of our products at your facility. With trained service engineers who inspect equipment to maintain optimum working conditions.

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PBSC has been part of an array of projects across the world, providing cleanroom and containment solutions allowing facilities to continue research and production across the globe.

Working with various research and development companies such as AstraZeneca, Catapult, NHS, Lonza, and the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Providing safe and proven solutions, meeting stringent quality assurance and containment audits. Helping towards ground-breaking medical research, life sciences, and the protection of health and well-being worldwide.

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When deciding for or against a product or solution many different questions arise. As a provider with vast experience, our in-house data center and experts in various areas, we know the answers to these questions. This area is to share this information with you whilst, keeping you up to date with our news, products and various blogs.

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