PBSC improves its carbon footprint

PBSC Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Clean Room, High Containment and Material Decontamination products throughout the world and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

The company has already relocated to a 100% renewable all-electric energy-efficient building and has now taken the next big step to go paperless by moving from print to digital.

“The easiest, most energy-efficient solution for us was to also move away from printed brochures and documents” commented Claire Barber, Marketing Manager of PBSC. “Digital works on computers, smartphones and tablets, which gives our customers the required material without delays. We can tailor a personal approach whilst being kinder to the environment. Times have changed so it was time to make the move from print to digital. We have a brand-new website that can cater to the digital age. We all need to step up and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint”.

Where there is a requirement to use paper or card, there are recycling bins throughout the main offices which are lined with compostable bags. Our recycling policy also includes plastics and cans.

“Our relocation from Huddersfield to Mirfield in West Yorkshire was a step forward for us” Commented Jamie Davis, Owner of PBSC. “Not just for the much-needed flexible workshop and office space, but also to focus on reducing our carbon footprint. The new office and workshop are powered by 100% renewably sourced electricity, using a highly efficient Daikin VRV system for heating, cooling and hot water. Powering empty rooms is a big concern for us, therefore to reduce energy waste, automatic movement sensing lights have been installed in every room.”.

In line with government policy, PBSC has also installed six electric car charging points in their car park for staff and visitors to use. Not only is this a step forward to the contribution of cleaner air quality, it will also support our staff in their move to hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

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