PBSC takes major steps forward and launches a Planned Preventative Maintenance & Servicing page to their website

Service and Maintenance

PBSC Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of their new planned preventative maintenance and servicing page on their website.


Established in 1987, PBSC has become one of the leading manufacturers of cleanroom, high containment and material decontamination products within the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment and hospital sectors worldwide.

“PBSC has taken these major steps forward with this new page, commented Claire Barber – Marketing Manager at PBSC “We have many new things in the pipeline for 2023 and the arrival of this new page gives the much-needed information to customers, new and old. Our post-handover support and service plans have been part of PBSC’s after-sales support for many years however not something we advertised.

Jamie Davis – PBSC Owner commented, “The past few years have seen a big change to PBSC, growing with our customers with our new branding across the board, our new website, flagship projects and now promoting our reliable servicing, maintenance and testing which is carried out by PBSC-trained service engineers demonstrating our commitment to our customers and partners”.

PBSC’s website is continually updated with fresh new content, including up-to-date information on the extensive range of products and services. Visitors can explore the new site and sign up for the PBSC newsletter – for more information, please get in touch with us.