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Personnel Decontamination

Cleanroom personnel decontamination procedures are of utmost importance in controlled environments, such as laboratories, industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, and emergency response situations. The primary goal of these procedures is to safeguard the health and safety of individuals and prevent the spread of contamination to other areas or individuals. These procedures are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of exposure to harmful substances or pathogens that may cause harm to humans.

Each facility or cleanroom environment requires tailored personnel decontamination procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated based on changing conditions, regulations, and best practices.

PBSC’s fogging and air showers are designed to clean personnel on entry or exit in containment-controlled areas, removing traces of possible contamination from protective garments. Proven to minimise risks. PBSC has extensive independent third-party testing for specialist API facilities.

A wide range of customised designs are available to meet customer’s requirements.

Sectors: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare