Decontamination Chambers for Reyon Pharmaceutical

A company that investigates the principles of life…

Reyon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd aims to enhance people’s health and lives, devoting themselves to help patients live a healthy life, having around 310 registered products that improve quality of life.

*Founded in 1955, Reyon Pharma has continued to innovate and take new leaps forward, Based on research, production, and sales capabilities from API to drug products using their technology, leaping to become the global number 1 bio and chemical-pharmaceutical company in various areas including next-generation biopharmaceuticals, from gene therapy to antibody therapy, cell therapy, and natural medicine.

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By executing continuous quality control activities to supply safe pharmaceutical products to customers, Reyon has maintained a quality control system that enables them to produce drugs, which are safe, stable, and effective.

The Jincheon Plant based in Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea opened its doors in 1989 and is one of the primary plants for Reyon.

With continuous R&D the plant is constantly innovating and PBSC in association with Woojung Bio who have achieved success in the construction of smart laboratory research facilities and contributed with unique, safe, and proven decontamination solutions to help with Reyon’s continuous R&D, helping patients fight disease and protect lives.



Solutions & Results

PBSC supplied 2 x MAL50 version 2 software chambers made from 304 stainless steel with integrated Bioquell SeQures. Both chambers combined 3 valve systems, incorporated into the chamber to create a 3-valve air handling system independent of any customer building HVAC. The extract unit assists airflow through the chamber, in conjunction with the inlet fan when required. This system will extract at a rate of 800m³/hr.

Specific additions

  • Actuated pressure pack – The actuated pressure relief pack design, which includes a ball valve, allows the customer to carry out manual pressure tests.
  • Pressure control system – The extract unit provides chamber pressure control in conjunction with the air inlet fan to provide accurate chamber pressure relative to adjacent rooms.


When the chamber is in extract mode, the speed of the extract fan is PID controlled to maintain a pre-set chamber pressure. In addition to the variable speed fan, a leak flow valve is fitted to provide a secondary air path in/ out of the chamber while the pressure control is active to allow for better pressure control.

The purpose of PBSC’s chamber is to decontaminate material/equipment prior to use in the pharmaceutical cleanroom environment and to aid Reyon with their mission to continue producing active pharmaceutical ingredients and development of advanced biopharmaceuticals.

PBSC contributed to the mission to contribute to enhancing the health of this generation and generations to come.

Emma Wolanski – Project Manager for PBSC Ltd “I’m proud that PBSC’s products and services were used to help Reyon fulfill their calling as a pharmaceutical company helping fight disease”


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