Material transfer into Lonza’s cell and gene therapy cleanroom environment

Lonza- Dedicated to cell & gene therapies development and manufacturing

Cell and gene therapies are poised to serve a global patient population…

Companies face challenges in terms of supply chain complexity. The close proximity of manufacturing to patients is key for the success of many cell and gene therapies.

Lonza’s network of manufacturing sites based at Geleen and Maastricht in the Netherlands help overcome this challenge, by providing flexible capacity and serve customers who need a European manufacturing footprint.

Lonza caters to a full range of services in the heart of Europe offering a full array of development and manufacturing facilities for cell and gene therapies. With experience covering many cell types including T-cells, Dendritic cells, Pluripotent stem cells and Mesenchymal stem cells. Tailored support at all stages from process development to first-in-human trials and commercial production.

PBSC who is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment and material decontamination products around the world in association with Tecnilab-BMI, provided the expertise and solutions allowing Lonza to bring dedicated cell and gene therapy. Supporting products at all stages of their lifecycle, from process developments to commercial product manufacturing.

Helping the development of cell and gene therapy products



Solutions & Results

PBSC’s chambers were produced from 316L stainless steel, with a 2-valve system incorporating Lonza’s own HVAC classification for air inlet and exhaust. Incorporating an aeration unit for the reduction of the ventilation phase of the HPV cycle.

The chambers also had actuated pressure packs to enable manual pressure tests and 4 low-level returns to improve airflow patterns within the chamber.

Main goal: Having material transfer capabilities across the MAL50 chambers, designed specifically to the customer’s needs, complying with GMP manufacturing processes.

Decontamination of material and equipment loads prior to use in Lonza’s gene therapy cleanroom environment

PBSC alongside Tecnilab-BMI who offer cutting-edge solutions for safe and efficient production facilities and high-quality care – based in the Netherlands, contributed to the constant success allowing Lonza to continue their journey to offer European cell and gene therapy manufacturing and support.

Emma Wolanski – Project Manager for PBSC
“Lonza is one of the world’s most renowned companies and we at PBSC are proud to have our products associated with such a well-recognized organisation”

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