Decontamination of Lab Equipment for Eighth People’s Hospital, China

Eighth Peoples Hospital – A prize-winning hospital and laboratory…

Eight People’s Hospital is part of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital based in Hong Kong. Founded in 1946 with the unremitting efforts of several generations of hospital staff and a comprehensive set of specialties and advanced technologies including medical treatment, medical education and scientific research, with a high reputation at home and abroad.

Having research platforms for fundamental medicine, clinical medicine and translation medicine. With seven key laboratories at the provincial level and two at the municipal level. A biological sample library, an international health centre and a big data centre, supporting scientific research in an all-round manner. Building joint laboratories and other research platforms for domestic and overseas markets, offering biomedicine translational services and expanding talent, undertaking over 1,000 clinical trials.

PBSC in association with Shenzhen Biovano Technology Co. who have many years of experience providing comprehensive support for the latest design concepts and technologies in Europe and the United States, contributing with efficient and safe decontamination solutions to help towards the continued advanced research undertaken at this hospital and its associated laboratories.


  • 2 x D50 Decontamiantion Hatches

Decontamination of Lab Equipment by PBSC


PBSC’s D50 hatches are equipped with both UV and Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination options. Used for product and materials decontamination within a laboratory environment.

An extremely useful and effective piece of equipment with dual decontamination capabilities where containment is essential.

Equipped With

  • A 316L subframe – for corrosion resistance.
  • A pressure relief pack – preventing the buildup of pressure during cycles, allowing for pressure testing functionalities – This feature ensures the hatch operates efficiently and safely
  • A port for independent H202 testing.
  • An LCD operator screen – providing a clear and easy-to-read display of information during hatch operation.
  • Two internal circulation fans – ensuring even distribution of hydrogen peroxide throughout the hatch.
  • Phenolic resin doors – providing a durable and secure seal during the decontamination process.
  • Remote control panel and a pneumatic panel – ensuring easy operation and maintenance.
  • An internal shelf for product placement.

PBSC contributed essential decontamination products to help with continued research and safety.

Emma Gibbons – Project Manager for PBSC Ltd. “Myself and the team at PBSC was proud to develop and manufacture our D50 decontamination hatches for Eight Peoples Hospital and wish them success for future projects”.

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