Bespoke designs to accommodate CAPS customer requirements

The new central admixture pharmacy (CAPS) facility represents a significant investment.

Central admixture pharmacy services (CAPS) deliver solutions from more locations than any other national compounded.

Providing custom and standard solutions to hospital and outpatient providers from 25 locations across the United States, operating 365 days a year to dispense patient-specific prescriptions to the health system pharmacy customer.

Offering a range of sterile admixture services designed to meet a pharmacy’s needs. From daily delivery of custom parenteral nutrition solutions to premixed Oxytocin bags, pre-filled anesthesia syringes, pre-filled post-op pain pumps, or cardioplegia.

The 249,000-square-foot building in Phoenix Arizona is a significant expansion and includes 16,000 square feet of cleanroom manufacturing, 23,000 square feet of controlled access support spaces, 25,000 square feet of lab and administration, and 135,000 square feet of warehouse/ distribution space. There is an additional 45,000 square feet of shell space for future growth.

PBSC which is the leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination products worldwide, used its expertise to provide the bespoke designs needed for this project. Meeting the decontamination needs so CAPS can continue their dependable service.


  • 2 x MAL Decontamination Chambers made with 304 stainless steel.
  • 3-valve AHS 800 Air Handling System.
  • 2 x Aeration units. The Aeration units assist in the clean-up at the end of an HPV cycle, reducing the duration of the aeration phase of the cycle.
  • Integrated control panel and pneumatics. This configuration utilizes space in the end A-Frame as an alternative to mounting control panels in the customer’s technical space/area.
  • At 5m long, the chambers facilitate a larger load size.
  • Bioquell SeQure generator. This generator type is mounted inside the chamber for gas distribution with the bottle module integrated into the PBSC end panel.
  • A PDF is produced at the end of every cycle with all cycle data and is viewable on the HMIs.
  • Bespoke trolleys with racks were produced specifically for CAPS.
  • Extract 800 extraction units. The extract unit, in conjunction with Fan 06, provides accurate chamber pressure relative to adjacent rooms. The unit breaks down the H202 vapour to H20 and 02.

Decontamination by PBSC with Bespoke designs to accommodate CAPS customer requirements

Solutions & Results:

The chambers are a bespoke design to accommodate all the requirements, decontaminating material using a Bioquell SeQure generator.

Decontaminating material/products through the chamber, with a 6log biological kill. The sizes allows CAPS to process the maximum amount in one cycle.

The aeration units and extract 800 reduce the cycle time. The 3-valve AHS (air handling system) allows the customer to run PBSC’s chambers without connection into their building HVAC system.

Emma Gibbons – Project Manager “We at PBSC are proud to be part of this development having previously developed 2 chambers in 2018 within the same facility and wish CAPs every success in the future”

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Bespoke designs to accommodate CAPS customer requirements