Excellent Solutions for the Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Life-Changing Cell and Gene Therapies for use in health services around the world…

The CGT Catapult manufacturing centre supports the development of new, large-scale manufacturing systems and capabilities, helping bring cell and gene therapies to market more quickly and safely. Gives a supportive environment to develop your manufacturing systems, whilst the segregated modules allow you to maintain control of your underlying process.

This unique centre brings together expertise in medicines manufacturing with a world-beating science and research base to create revolutionary treatments, fighting diseases like cancer.

To help support the growing industry the green light was given and works started in March 2019. The six additional modules contain grade C cleanrooms allowing the running of closed processes, and each has a production footprint of 130m2.

PBSC is the leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment, personnel decontamination and material decontamination products around the world, used its expertise to supply the custom designs needed for this project, situated at Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage.

In association with Merit holdings who were the primary building contractor, PBSC contributed with unique, safe and proven solutions.


Solutions & Results:

PBSC provided excellent solutions which had to be flexible to allow Catapult’s customers the ability to use the clean room suites how they wished. Due to the clean room suites being rented, the products provided by PBSC had to fit with multi-functional use.

  • Our Material Decontamination Hatches were used to pass products between the personnel corridor to and from the Cell Therapy room and between the Cell Therapy room and the production area.
  • Our Material Decontamination Chambers – waste out chambers were used, using H2O2 decontamination from the production room to the personnel corridor.

Both the material decon chamber and decon hatches work as H2O2 decontamination or active air pass-through.

  • Our Architectural Pass-Through Hatches were used as a clean air pass-through from the personnel corridor to the production room.

Stevenage is a world-leading hub for the production of advanced therapies and with PBSC’s contribution to the new modules will help collaborators develop and commercialise medicines as the cutting edge of medical science.

PBSC’s products, services and support have helped this centre to be adaptive to processing needs, enabling a freely adjustable manufacturing strategy.

The additional space and support for this project allow CGT Catapult to engage further with UK businesses and accelerate their progress toward commercialisation.

Neil Roper – Head of Sales for Material Decon Solutions at PBSC:
“I’m proud to have been part of the team delivering equipment to aid in the development at Stevenage”

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