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Boryung Pharmaceutical has contributed to the progress and development of the pharmaceutical industry, committed to human health, having a strong presence as one of the leading companies in the Korean pharmaceutical market since its foundation in 1963.

Based on its drug development capabilities, expanding its scope of research into a variety of areas to develop drugs for cancer treatments, antibiotics and gene therapy that focuses on cardiovascular and other major diseases, vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals.

PBSC who are the leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment, personnel decontamination and material decontamination products around the world, used their
expertise to supply the custom designs needed for this project, situated at the Jincheaon site, in South Korea.

In association with Woojung Bio who is a reliable partner and supplier into biotechnology research through the construction of research institutes, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and government research institutes. PBSC contributed with unique, safe and proven solutions.


Solutions & Results:

PBSC provided excellent solutions which had to be flexible to allow Woojung the ability to undertake the customer’s requirements which included a bespoke half-height decontamination chamber that had to be adapted to allow for no digging restrictions.

The solution is to settle the decontamination chamber on the epoxy, finishing it with a square sus pipe and sus plate instead of a cement treatment.

The decon chamber and hatch were both connected to remote generators and were used to prevent contamination of materials into a cleanroom environment, both were finished with silicon to prevent leakage.

The Jincheon facility manufactures undiluted bacterin vaccine and supplies future-proof and high-quality specialized silicones supporting projects with the research team aiming to help support the growing industry, and with PBSC’s contribution and Woojung Bio’s construction expertise will help aid in the innovation and transformation Boryung strives for.

Neil Roper – Head of Sales for Material Decon Solutions at PBSC “I’m proud to have worked with Woojung delivering decontamination equipment for Boryung’s Jincheon

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