Why Choose PBSC’s Inflatable Seal Door – The Top 10 Reasons

PBSC provides equipment designed and tested for the highest levels of containment. With references in many leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes.

Offering a range of products that create a dependable barrier using strong but flexible solutions where high containment is required.

Reason 1 – The inflatable seal door from PBSC provides the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic and wheeled equipment.

Reason 2 – The door frame is flush with the floor eliminating any trip hazard or trolley interference.

Reason 3 – Designed to install into a range of wall types e.g. cast concrete, block, stud, and partition systems.

Reason 4 – The seal around the perimeter of the door is inflated by compressed air against a radiused doorframe and provides excellent leakage resistance up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8” w.g.).

Reason 5 – The door leaf is available in different construction options including polished stainless steel, powder-coated low-carbon steel, aluminum, and solid core phenolic resin.

Reason 6 – Provided with the option to use PBSC’s control system which integrates with the building’s access control system, allowing proven software at FAT, reducing site time and risk.

Reason 7 – The door set is provided with flush-glazed toughened or laminated glass vision panels.

Reason 8 – Monitoring of seal pressure and of supply pressure from the building.

Reason 9 – Suppled with the unique PBSC cast stainless-steel hinge assembly which is proven to stand the test of time.

Reason 10 – Designed and Engineered by PBSC which places a high priority on maintenance and upkeep and offers an extensive after-sales support service, including planned preventative maintenance programs, servicing, and spare parts.

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