Cleanroom solutions for Terumo Aortic

PBSC’s cleanroom solutions help Terumo Aortic to contribute to innovative medical solutions.

Terumo Aortic is a global medical device company dedicated to developing solutions for aortic and peripheral vascular disease.

Terumo contributes to society through healthcare by offering a wide range of medical products and solutions.

Their extensive business portfolio includes vascular intervention and cardio-surgical solutions, blood transfusion, and cell therapy technology, as well as essential medical products for daily clinical practice such as transfusion systems, diabetes care, and peritoneal dialysis treatments.

Terumo Aortic, a division of Terumo Corporation based in Tokyo, is a leading global medical technology company with over a century of experience.

Its main research and manufacturing facilities are located in Inchinnan, Scotland, with significant investments made in its manufacturing site to provide state-of-the-art new facilities.


  • 2 x 3 Man Decontamination Air Showers – PD-Ai

Designed to remove particles from personnel entering and exiting areas with hazardous substances.

Specifically engineered to mitigate the risk of exposure to harmful substances or pathogens that could pose a threat to human health.

Featuring a stainless steel construction, with interlocked toughened glass doors and 54 adjustable nozzles delivering 30-34m/s to accommodate 3 members of staff at a time.

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  • 1 x Fan Filter Wall Mounted Transfer Hatch – AR-FFU

PBSC’s Fan Filter pass through hatch is designed to provide rapid air changes and fast clean-up/recovery times to reduce the waiting time when transferring goods between different grades of room.

The system is designed to work without any connection to the building HVAC system and utilising the air from the adjacent rooms, reducing the costs of HVAC systems.

Featuring a stainless steel construction, with 2 interlocked toughened glass doors and a stainless steel internal support shelf.

2100 internal width x 100mm internal height.

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Solutions & Results:

PBSC, which is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination products worldwide, in partnership with Building Engineering Solutions (BES) Ltd, who
work with leading organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences, healthcare sectors, and hi-tech industries, creating cuttingedge cleanroom solutions, used their expertise to provide cleanroom solutions which are now integral to Terumo Aortic’s commitment to providing value to patients, medical professionals, and society at large.

PBSC’s cleanroom products were chosen for their customizable designs and their reputation for durability and reliability.

PBSC is committed to providing customers throughout the world with safe, accurate, quality products and services, PBSC ensures the undue risk of contamination.

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