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Growing BSL2 and BSL3 Facilities…

Viroclinics Biosciences operates at a global level, being the preferred virology testing laboratory for several of the top 10 Biopharmaceutical companies.

Being a leading diagnostic and clinical trial operation service company supporting clinical and preclinical studies for drug and vaccine development for the prevention and treatment of virus infections.

Their mission is to improve human and animal health by serving the biopharmaceutical industry with state-of-the-art diagnostics, operational and logistical services, custom-made models in preclinical and clinical drug testing, and expert advice on the development of antivirals and vaccines.

Offering a full range of virology services for new drug development programs and post-marketing surveillance of existing drugs and vaccines, ranging from traditional virology assays to the latest deep sequencing protocols for a very broad range of viruses.

PBSC is the leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment, personnel decontamination and material decontamination products around the world in association with Tecnilab BMI provided containment products ensuring Viroclinic’s integrity of their containment requirements.

Viroclinics Biosciences is based in the Netherlands, and the project started in September 2020 and finished in March 2021 ensuring their BSL2 and BSL3 labs perform the required analysis according to international ISO 15189 accreditation.


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Solutions & Results

PBSC supplied containment solutions with innovation to meet the needs of the Viroclinics project. Offering the V1 MAL50 chamber due to Viroclinics already having an IG-1 generator already onsite.

A subframe was designed to allow a seal between the existing facility and the B side of the chamber. This design also allowed validation activity to take place without Viroclinics needing to remove any walls or open the chamber to the BSL3+ side of the facility.

In addition, Viroclinics chose to have HEPA filtration on the inlet and exhaust. Having a 2-valve system which means the air flows to and from the chamber incorporated into the HVAC system which can be controlled.

PBSC meticulously engineered the MAL50 enabling Viroclinics to use the chamber for both HPV and Air Clean cycles when transferring products and materials between their BSL3 and BSL3+ facilities in accordance with their containment requirements.

PBSC’s products, services and support in association with Tecnilab BMI who provide comprehensive services for biomedical facilities and pharmaceutical plants, healthcare and biosafety, ensuring this high containment facility continued being the preferred virology testing laboratory.

Emma Wolanski – Material Decontamination Project Manager:
“I am proud to be part of this development at Viroclinics in the Netherlands – Incorporating our chamber into their existing generator, contributing to this fast-growing company.”

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