Product Case Study, Providing Robust Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions…


Product Details:

  • Forming an H202 gassing lobby within the building.
  • Designed to work with a portable H202 generator with camlock fitting either on the door leaf or door frame, with the communication to the generator via volt free signals.
  • Controlled by PBSC’s S1200 PLC to ensure the doors are locked and sealed during gassing, with the interlock priority having flexibility on the S1200 PLC allowing the doors to be configured to suit most applications.
  • The controls operate the stirrer fans on the door frame with tacho monitoring to ensure they are operating correctly during the decontamination cycle.
  • The S1200 provides a signal for the building system to open and close the HVAC when it’s required providing an automated cycle from start to finish.
  • The new PBSC hinge system allows a single operative to quickly change the door seals safely without removing the door from the frame.
  • The barrier hatch is used to allow items to be passed through without leakage.

Customised Solutions:

PBSC’s ISD doors form a H202 interlock, using an existing cleanroom walling system where a full chamber solution is not possible.

These doors can be provided with or without a hatch integrated into the door leaf.

The size of the door is customizable with a wide range of door sets available

ISD doors engineered by PBSC have decontamination to Log6 which is validated by biological indicators.

Used to decontaminate goods on the way into or out of a facility, with the direction of decontamination configurable on the S1200 PLC.


PBSC’s inflatable seal door has been used in many facilities worldwide, providing users with a robust material decontamination chamber where a full chamber solution is not possible.

Passing site commissioning with the generator and Log6 kill during validation without leakage.

PBSC’s door set requires no taping, with its inflatable seal providing a flush threshold ideal for wheeled carts.


Providing the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic and wheeled equipment

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