PBSC’s custom designs for Roslin Cells

Roslin Cells is a leading UK Cell Therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation focused on providing services for companies developing cell-based therapeutic products.

Expansion promising to bring next-generation treatments to patients globally…

Based at the Edinburgh Bio Quarter with a proven track record in the delivery of cell-based products, Roslin Cells has a mission to help change people’s lives. Leading the field in cell and gene therapy manufacturing and being the partner of choice with a personalised service.

Announcing the construction of a new Cell & Gene therapy manufacturing facility at the end of June 2020, expanding their new manufacturing centre.

The new state-of-the-art facility will operate to US and EU GMP standards, promising to bring next-generation treatments to patients globally and PBSC who are a leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment and material decontamination products around the world provided the expertise and solutions allowing the transfer of products and materials into their Grade C cleanroom facility without risk of contamination.

PBSC’s solutions were introduced as part of the installation of the new clean room within the Roslin Cells facility and working in association with Connect2Cleanrooms, tested and validated the hatches for use in a Grade C environment, helping towards the ground-breaking medical research and life sciences.


Solutions & Results:

To remove Hydrogen Peroxide from the extract route, PBSC added the Extract 800 to each MAL50 hatch.

Networking – Each MAL50 hatch consisted of the Siemens “Simatic Log on Software” allowing the usage of the new Cell & Gene therapy log-in IDs for access to the HMIs.

Networking – Communication on both MAL50 hatches incorporated the integration into Roslin Cells IT system to allow the cycle data to be sent directly to the facility’s server.

Trolleys – Both PBSC’s MAL50 hatches included a trolley system consisting of a wheelable trolley base that holds the racking and shelving units, these are placed within the hatches holding the required products for decontamination.

The new MAL50 hatches are standalone and include PBSC’s AHS – 3 valve system.

This air handling solution enables Roslin Cells to utilise their products without needing to integrate into the site HVAC system, using the hatches for both HPV and Air Clean cycles without risk of contamination.

Decontamination Hatch

The wall-mounted hatches consisted of PBSC’s reliable interlock system aiding in the reduction of cross-contamination, with the fire-rated hatches tested with PBSC’s integrity certification.

PBSC’s products, services and support contributed to this all-new cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing facility, helping to become an innovative hub, expanding the development and manufacturing capability, and promising to bring next-generation treatments to patients globally.

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“A cutting-edge process development and manufacturing facility”

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