Custom designs for Poonawalla Science Park

Developing vaccines giving the world a chance at a life without disease…

At PSP in Bilthoven, various vaccine products are produced such as polio, diphtheria-tetanus polio combination vaccine (DT-IPV), tetanus vaccines and BCG for the treatment of bladder cancer. PSP (BBio) are actively involved with the polio eradication program and treatment of various diseases.

PSP makes reliable vaccines in a high-quality manufacturing facility to meet global demand.

*”At Bbio we are working on developing vaccines that give our world population a chance for a life without disease. We deliver on our promise: to make vaccines for a better world. We do this together with our partners. For everyone worldwide, and we do that well”

The project started in March 2020 and finished in January 2021. This allowed PSP to transfer products and material into their grade C cleanroom area without risk of contamination. PBSC who are the leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment, personnel decontamination and material decontamination products around the world in association with Tecnilab-BMI provided versatile products so PSP could continue developing vaccines without the worry of contamination within their manufacturing facility based in Bilthoven, Netherlands.

*Statement from BBio –


Solutions & Results:

PBSC’s decontamination hatch and chamber are both standalone products and include PBSC’s AHS – 3 valve system. This air-handling solution enables the customer to utilize the product without needing to integrate it into a site HVAC system. PSP is able to use the hatch and chamber for both HPV cycles and Air Clean cycles. The IG2 generators were utilized in the project.

The design made use of the technical space above the chamber and below the hatch to minimize the unit footprint.

The double safechange filter housing extract unit was also located above the chamber in order to minimize space and ease of access for maintenance.

A versatile safechange filter housing was developed to be located on a different floor, with all the control and power cables routed through the hatch roof.

The double safe change filter and SMF350 extraction unit enable PSP to safely maintain filters without risk of contact with the hydrogen peroxide used during decontamination cycles.

The extraction unit enables PSP to exhaust air back into the cleanroom facility rather than needing to construct an opening in the facility.

PBSC’s products, services and support have ensured this clean room manufacturing facility can continue essential vaccine production without the risk of contamination in keeping with GMP regulations.

“Making vaccines for a better world”

Neil Roper – Head of Sales for Material Decontamination Solutions at PBSC: “I am proud to be part of the team delivering solutions for Poonawalla Science Park in Bilthoven”

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