PBSC’s fire rated vision panel, also known as a lab window, hospital window, and cleanroom observation panel, provides a flush-glazed finish with a polished stainless-steel architrave.

The clear fire glass is clamped between the two outer panes of toughened glass, providing a flush finish with no visible fixings to either side.

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PBSC’s controlled lab windows are tested to BS 476 part 22 and EN 1364-1:1999, providing up to 120 minutes of fire resistance, and available in either a 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.

PBSC’s vision panels are bespoke to suit all wall types and are available in many different versions. These include mullions, lead shielding, and fire rated versions.

PBSC also offers cleanroom vision panels complete with magnetically operated Venetian or roller blinds.

The vision glass panels are available in a version to provide up to 90 minutes of insulation, tested to BS 476 part 22.

Made bespoke measurements to retrofit into exisiting buildings, also available in standard sizes for new constructions.

Tripple glazed stainless steel construction providing up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

Following on-site installation, PBSC offers a Planned Preventative Maintenance and Servicing Plan with an extensive after-sales support service, including planned preventative maintenance programs, servicing, and spare parts.



  • Flush Glazed Vision Panels to Both Sides
  • Clear Fire Glass
  • Overlapping Flanges to Both Sides of the Opening
  • Screen Printed Borders, Bonded to the Glass
  • Made to Fit into Various Wall Thickness
  • Secure Fixings within the Unique Sub-Frame
  • Providing up to 90 Minutes of Insulation
  • Tested to BS 476 Part 22.
  • No Visible Fixings
  • High Quality, Long Lasting


Essential in many potentially hazardous facilities where it is vital to see or be seen.

The PBSC vision panel offers a high-quality, long-lasting system that is easy to clean with its flush finish and can present itself in many pharmaceutical, laboratory, biotech, and NHS facilities. Mainly used in buildings where fire rated doors or walls are required for safety reasons.

The Fire Rated Vision Panel is also known as a Glazed Panel, Glazed Vision Panel, Lab Window, Glazed Screen, Hospital Window, Cleanroom Window, Laboratory Window, and Controlled Window.

Technical Specification

  • Tested to BS 476 Part 22 and EN 1364-1:1999,
  • Providing up to 120 Minutes Fire Resistance
  • Please contact PBSC for specific design options.
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  • PBSC reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and technology, dimension, weights and materials in the course of technical progress. Images may not be accurate.
  • Some of the information/images/equipment described or shown may only be available at extra cost. Features & specifications will vary.


  • Mullion for Larger Openings
  • Acoustic Upgrades
  • Venetian or Roller Blinds
  • 304 or 316 Stainless-Steel Construction
  • PPC Finish Available in any RAL/BS Colour