PBSC’s cleanroom glass doors, also referred to as laboratory doors, hospital doors, healthcare doors, NHS doors, and medical doors create a showpiece appearance to any facility and provide ideal functionality.

The cleanroom doors from PBSC play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of controlled environments by preventing the entry of contaminants and are designed to meet stringent cleanliness and hygiene standards required in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, and healthcare.

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Made from sturdy, smooth, and non-porous materials, with a Zintec sub-frame, stainless steel architrave, and shroud. The door leaf is 10mm thick toughened glass, which can be clear or tinted. It comes with a stainless steel adjustable hydraulic closer, closer arm, restraining rail, and D-handles.

PBSC’s cleanroom glass doors are designed to meet the cleanliness and classification standards required for the specific cleanroom environment in which they are installed.

The glass door set can be customised to meet specific size, design, and functionality requirements of the cleanroom or containment-controlled facility.

Available in a single door, double door, or a leaf-and-a-half construction, customised to fit existing walls and features bespoke frame sizes, a stainless-steel frame, or a powder-coated full wrap-around shroud.

With a range of tints, screen prints, printed films, and etched glass, PBSC’s cleanroom glass doors can fit into any area or décor.

This door set has no cavities, making it easy to clean and inhibit bacterial growth.

Resistant to contamination and can withstand cleaning with common disinfectants and cleaning agents.

The smooth surface of the glass makes it easy to wipe down and sanitize as needed.

PBSC has agents and representatives located in numerous countries worldwide, which allows for exceptional local support and logistical services to ensure timely product delivery, including dispatching major spare parts.

PBSC’s products comply with both local and global regulations and are designed to meet specific requirements. Accurate assistance is provided during project planning to consultants, architects, and end-users.

Following on-site installation, PBSC offers a Planned Preventative Maintenance and Servicing Plan with an extensive after-sales support service, including planned preventative maintenance programs, servicing, and spare parts.



  • Stainless or Powder Coated Full Wrap Around Shroud / Architrave
  • 10mm Thick Frameless Tempered Glass Door Leaf.
  • Purpose Built Solid Stainless-Steel Hinge to Provide Easy Cleaning and Opening up to 170°
  • Custom Frame Sizes to Suit Opening
  • Made to Suit Specific Wall Thicknesses
  • Flush Maglock in Frame
  • No Rebate on Frame – Maximum Clear Opening
  • No Visible Fixings
  • Excellent Scratch and Wear Resistance
  • No Space for Bacterial Growth


PBSC's Glass Door set is the preferred option within a laboratory environment…

This glass door set has been designed with cleanroom environments in mind and is known for its excellent engineering, quality, and durability. Purpose-built for healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical research, and laboratory facilities, with minimal visible fixings.

These doors provide visibility and access while still meeting the stringent requirements for cleanliness, hygiene, and contamination control. With no cavities in the leaf giving no space for bacterial growth.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Structural Opening Single Door: 1250mm Wide x 2500mm High
  • Maximum Structural Opening Double Door: 2500mm Wide x 2500mm High
  • 10 mm Toughened Leaf to EN 12150 1
  • Door Weight: 25kg/m2
  • Door Closer: Concealed or Surface Mounted Options. EN2-EN6
  • Please contact PBSC for specific design options.
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  • PBSC reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and technology, dimension, weights and materials in the course of technical progress. Images may not be accurate.
  • Some of the information/images/equipment described or shown may only be available at extra cost. Features & specifications will vary.


  • Single, Double or Leaf & 1/2 Door Options
  • Wide Range of Tints, Screen Prints, Printed Films and Etched Glass to Suit the Area
  • Flush Maglock for Interlock Systems
  • Electric / Hydraulic Auto Openers / Closers