PBSC’s APR Mechanical Seal doors for high containment facilities are designed to create a reliable airtight barrier. This is achieved by using a robust yet flexible seal that is manually compressed against the doorframe. The seal doesn’t need compressed air, making it a fail-safe option in case of a power outage.

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  • Easy One-handed operation, with 3-point compression
  • The mechanism is mounted in the door frame for a more robust design
  • Stainless steel or solid core door HPL leaf
  • Flush glazing to both sides of the door leaf
  • Configurable button sets and LED indicators
  • Robust, fail-safe design
  • Low maintenance
  • Fail-safe seal


Creating a dependable airtight barrier...

Our range of mechanical seal doors are ideal for high-containment applications, especially in BSL3 and BSL4 labs. These doors have a raised threshold that creates a natural bund, aiding in the containment of liquid during washdown.

Access Control - The access control system for building entrances is managed through a PBSC control panel, which can be requested if required.

PBSC's Mechanical Seal Door is also known as a High Containment Door, Hospital Door, Lab Door, Laboratory Door, Stainless Steel Door, APR Door and Cleanroom Door.

Technical Specification

  • Tested to 2500PA (10” W.G.)
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  • Please contact PBSC for specific design options.
  • PBSC reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and technology, dimension, weights and materials in the course of technical progress. Images may not be accurate.
  • Some of the information/images/equipment described or shown may only be available at extra cost. Features & specifications will vary.


  • Interlock Systems
  • Vision Panel cover
  • Low level sampling port
  • Threshold ramp to assist wheel traffic
  • Deeper threshold to create a large bund for washdown or shower areas
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel