PBSC’s Emergency Escape Panel, also known as a break out panel, service access panel or kick out panel, provides a quick escape from a clean room or containment-controlled environment. Also regularly used as a window that can be easily removed for equipment access routes during planned shut downs.

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  • Made to Suit Finished Wall Thickness
  • Flush Wrap Around Frame – To Both Sides of the Wall for a Clean room Finish
  • Welded and Polished Construction and Finish
  • Custom solutions
  • Stainless-Steel Assembly and Pull Handles
  • Low Leakage Rates


Emergency Escape Panel

Rebate frame design for installation in front of a fire door. Standard application is with the fire door opening away from the escape panel. Custom solutions for doors opening through the escape panel are available.

Wrap around frame for installation into a non-fire rated wall. Whilst intended for personnel escape it is also commonly used for equipment access during shutdowns.

The minimum rebate to the floor level is 32mm.

Technical Specification

  • Structural Opening Min and Max - Dependent on in fill panels
  • Clear Opening Minimum 700mm Wide, 900mm High
  • Maximum size of 1.4m Wide x 2.5m High
  • Please contact PBSC for more details


  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Steel in a Wide Range of RAL/BS Colours
  • Pull or Push Types Available
  • Clear or Opaque Acrylic Panel
  • Escape from Both Sides